Other places to be discovered


Classified by themes: various centers of interest are available in the South of Essonne and the Natural Park of the French Gâtinais.

At less than 1hour of Paris, you will discover the rich ness of the architectural artistic and cultural heritage. Various events are organized all along the seasons and will show you parks and domains of our region ! Fêtes des Simples and the Annual Medicinal Herbs Market in Milly la Forêt, Plant Days in Courson, Vegetable Garden in St Jean de Beauregard…


The castles



  Dourdan 30 mn  
  Malesherbes 30 mn  
  Marais 45 mn  
  Saussay 30 mn  
  Versailles 60 mn  
  Villiers en Bière 30 mn  
  Chamerolles 45 mn  

The domains






  Domaine de courson


  Domaine St jean de Beauregard 
  Demeure Claude François,
Moulin de Dannemois

Domaine de Chamarande
  Le Cyclop à Milly la forêt
  Parc Caillebotte à Yerres
Domaine de Mautauger  

Art and culture








Musée Bedu, Milly 10 mn  
Eglise de Favières, Favières, 20 mn  
  Cimetière Russe, Sainte Geneviève des Bois 30 mn  
Musée de l’aviation, Cerny 30 mn  
Miellerie du Gâtinais, Boutigny 10 mn  
Conservatoires des Plantes, Milly 10 mn  
Cressonnière de Méréville 30 mn  



The towns & Villages



Fontainebleau 20 mn
Paris 45 mn
Orléans 1 heure
Chartres 45 mn
Barbizon 15 mn
Courances 10 mn
Dourdan 30 mn
Provins 1 heure
Briare ( canal Eiffel) 45 mn


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