Castle of Vaux le vicomte


Vue du château


Castle of Vaux le Vicomte


The castle which inspired Versailles. 




Built inthe 17e century, the construction was ordered by Nicolas Fouquet Louis XIV minister.

Unforgettable fests and diners managed by Vatel, arts and culture were present in Vaulx leVicomte.

All thatlead to the down fall of Fouquet because of the jealousy of

the King.

Later Voltaire was to sum up the famous fête thus: "On 17 August,

at six in theevening Fouquet was the King of France:

at two in the morning he was nobody."

Numerous films were "staged" in this famous place: Valmont, Les mariés de l'An II, Moonraker, Ridicule, le pacte des loups, Marie-Antoinette, Molière …

Candle light visits and concerts are regularly organized in Summer.

In the 19th century, Alfred Sommier acquired Vaulx-le-Vicomte and

the huge task of restoration and refurbishment began. Today, his direct descendants, the family de Vogüé, are continuing work on

the preservation of Vaux-le-Vicomte.

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